How to Mine Loki Coin?

Personally, I am completely anonymous and I really like Loki, because it’s really useless for the CPU. I currently use LOK on all of my CPUs. So here’s a step by step for LOK mining with CPU on Windows.


1. Get a Loki Wallet

2. Download xmr-stak-cpu

3. Decide how many threads you need to use

To do this, find out how many memories your CPU has and how many cores it has. So it has a 4 MB cache and a 4-core CPU. You want to split your cache in 2 MB to determine how many threads you want to use. So this processor should only use 2 threads, since 4mb / 2mb = 2.
There is also an AMD FX-9590. It has a 16 MB cache and 8 cores. I thought I had to use eight threads, but this is not the case. If the amount of work you need is equal to the number of cores you extract, 1. We do not want to use all the cores. So I’m working with 7 threads on this chip because I have 16mb / 2mb = 8 and 8 cores, so I have 1 and 7 threads together.


4. Edit the config file

You will see how many threads will use the partition in “Cpu_threads_conf”. This file is set to 7 threads, so delete it as you think fit. You will also have to move through the portfolio address and change the address of the portfolio.

5. Select Loki Mining Pool

Loki Mining Pool

6. Start xmr-stak-spu

Happy mining.